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Plant Ticket Competency Card

Course Overview

This course will assess your competency to drive plant machinery. Once you have completed the assessments you will be given a competency card. This proves you are competent to operate that piece of plant machinery. 

It is important to make sure all plant operators have proof they are competent to operate machinery. If an accident occurs, without proof of competency, the company or machine operator could face the possibility of prison.

Plant Machinery

Categories of plant machinery covered:

  • 360 above and below 10T
  • 180 above and below 5T
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Rear Tipping Dumper
  • Ride on Roller
  • Telescopic-handler
  •  Over 15 more categories

What Is The Difference Between A Competency Card, NPORS and CPCS?

CPCS and NPORS are the recognised qualifications needed on major construction group (MCG) sites only, like the ones managed by companies like Kier or Vinci. If you are not working on a major construction group site you will not need CPCS or NPORS. 

A competency card is a lower cost way to prove you can safely drive a piece of plant machinery. Most work in the UK only requires a competency card including on private sites and on most roads. If you did need an NPORS assessment we also offer those nationwide. 


The price of a competency card assessment per category of plant is from £100-£150  for a minimum of 6 categories of plant. This can be split between a number of people on the same site or a number of different categories i.e 360, 180, dumper, roller, telehandler or over 15 more categories. Once completed your competency card will last a full 3 years. 

Below is a comparison of costs per category of plant:

  • Competency Card £100-£150
  • NPORS with CPCS logo £200-£450 (plus NVQ cost of £795 per category within 2 years)
  • CPCS £600-£1450 (plus NVQ cost of £795 per category within 2 years)

To book your plant assessments for a competency card call below.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast track and weekend courses
  • Expert training knowledge
  • Officially accredited course provider
  • Complete multiple courses at the same time, so you get back to work faster
  • We fit training around you
  • Highest pass rates
  • Fast certification

Locations Covered

Below are the locations covered for small groups. For large groups assessments are available nationwide.

  • Nottingham
  • Northampton
  • London
  • Derby
  • Leicester
  • Stafford
  • Sheffield
  • Birmingham
  • Doncaster
  • Sheffield
  • Lincoln


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